The story behind our development of a sanitiser now attracting attention from across the Middle East and Africa is a fascinating one.

That’s because we’ve created something that’s quite unique, a sanitiser that’s extremely effective against all microbes, including bacteria, yeasts, moulds and viruses.

But it’s also extremely safe to use because the way that it kills the viruses and the bacteria is very close to the way the human body deals with pathogens. So it’s very well tolerated by the human body.

 When invaders come into the body, white blood cells accumulate around that area and engulf the bacteria and viruses. They literally wrap themselves around the microbes and then they secrete hypochlorous acid and the hypochlorous acid kills whatever it is.

The really good news is that over many millions of years, none of the invaders have managed to form any sort of defence or immunity to this biocide, so it always works.

So if we could produce a product which is pure hypochlorous acid – it hasn’t got anything else – it would work in exactly the same way.

People are asking why a water treatment company would develop a sanitiser. And of course, our core missions is about making water safe; safe to drink, safe to cook with, safe to swim in, safe to use on kidney dialysis, to dispose the down the drain, to circulate in a fountain or cooling tower.

So we’re well used to making products which do just that. About four years ago we developed a biocide for drinking water treatment based on hypochlorous acid.

It was intended to replace some of the other slightly more tricky chemistries that are available in the market which may work well but are possibly not so easy to use and not so safe to handle. And it’s been extremely successful. It’s become one of our major products.

At the beginning of the lockdown, we were looking for a sanitiser for our own staff.

We were really struggling to find a product available in the market that we could use for cleaning the office and for hand sanitisation.

So we came up with the idea of diluting this water treatment product that we’d been selling for so many years down to a ready-to-use product – Culligan Safe Guard 45 H 25.

We started using it around the office.

People started using it to sanitise their hands, and liked it.

So we said: ‘Well why don’t we start selling it?’

And the rest is history.


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