Sanitiser for School Reopening!

We are very excited to read KHDA announcement about Schools reopening in the new academic year.

Like workplaces around the world, schools will need to adopt and enforce heightened health and sanitation protocols to safeguard the security of our kids.

Asalways, Culligan is on the front line with privates and public schools to help them equipping or retrofitting their infrastructures for optimal hygiene and sanitation with hand-sanitizing stations, touch-less drinking water fountain, sanitizing tunnels,etc.

Frequent scheduled campuswide handwashing and sanitation can help keep the environment and hands clean. Enhanced cleaning of surfaces after the school day can be another vital element of promoting hygiene. Training and frequent reinforcement can help staff, parents, students, and entire communities stay updated on important health and sanitation practices.

We look forward for the new academic year to start, a year kids from all over the world will be happy about going back to school!




Culligan Safe Guard

In 2016 Culligan Middle East’s Technical Director Rodger Macfarlane, along with his chemical product development team developed a process leveraging Culligan’s filtration and water purification expertise to produce a safe and cost-effective alternative to chlorine dioxide for the treatment of drinking water.

Shortly after it was certified as being in compliance with NSF/ANSI 60 “Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals – Health Effects” and has become one of our best-selling products for the healthcare and hospitality sectors. The product is included on the local municipality List of Approved  Professional Use for Business-to-Business “B2B” Biocides.

With demand for sanitisers increasing dramatically during the pandemic, Rodger and his team developed a “ready-to-use” version of the product called Safe Guard 45H25 for use as a surface and skin sanitiser and in sanitization tunnels. Tests have proven it to be extremely effective against a wide range of microbes while being very safe for humans. Customer demand has increased exponentially, such that we now have opened a dedicated filling line. We are using  Culligan Safe Guard 45H25 to sanitise our own facilities and are giving it to our staff members for use in their own homes.

CULLIGAN SAFE GUARD 45H25 is a high purity aqueous solution of hypochlorous acid. If you’re like most people, you’ve never heard of hypochlorous acid, despite the fact that it’s in your body – as in right now – fighting the good fight. And by that we mean the fight against infection, because it’s the substance your white blood cells produce to keep you healthy. Because of this, hypochlorous acid uses are increasing every day.

While many other sanitisers in the market have been banned in recent weeks for failing to comply with safety standards, Culligan Safe Guard has been tested and passed by Dubai Central Laboratory, certified both by Emirates Authority For Standardization & Metrology and Dubai Municipality, and also independently tested by an accredited UK laboratory.


Let Culligan Middle East help you find the best solution for your water needs.

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