In 2016 Culligan Middle East’s Technical Director Rodger Macfarlane (in picture), along with his chemical product development team developed a process leveraging Culligan’s filtration and water purification expertise to produce a safe and cost-effective alternative to chlorine dioxide for the treatment of drinking water.

Shortly after it was certified as being in compliance with NSF/ANSI 60 “Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals – Health Effects” and has become one of our best-selling products for the healthcare and hospitality sectors. The product is included on the local municipality List of Approved Professional Use for Business-to-Business “B2B” Biocides.

With demand for sanitisers increasing dramatically during the pandemic, Rodger and his team developed a “ready-to-use” version of the product called Safe Guard 45H25 for use as a surface and skin sanitiser and in sanitization tunnels. Tests have proven it to be extremely effective against a wide range of microbes while being very safe for humans.

Customer demand has increased exponentially, such that we now have opened a dedicated filling line. We are using Safe Guard 45H25 to sanitise our own facilities and are giving it to our staff members for use in their own homes.




CULLIGAN SAFE GUARD 45H25 is a high purity aqueous solution of hypochlorous acid. If you’re like most people, you’ve never heard of hypochlorous acid, despite the fact that it’s in your body – as in right now – fighting the good fight. And by that we mean the fight against infection, because it’s the substance your white blood cells produce to keep you healthy. Because of this, hypochlorous acid uses are increasing every day.

You might be surprised to learn that your immune system’s fighter, hypochlorous acid, is actually based on chlorine. It’s so gentle that hypochlorous acid is FDA approved for use in wound care and eye care products and is also common in veterinary care. It’s also used in the UK in agriculture, as a biocide for horses and in dental care. It can kill E. coli and salmonella on contact with no harmful residues, which makes it ideal for food applications. Hypochlorous acid is FDA approved for use in produce preservation and USDA approved for organic crop production. There has been extensive research on the gentleness and efficacy of hypochlorous acid. It’s so effective that hospitals use it as a disinfectant in both the US and Japan.

Sanitiser_products Culligan

We have harnessed the power of hypochlorous acid with our novel production process to produce a safe but powerful multi-purpose cleaner and deodorizer that’s just as effective as conventional cleaners but with no harmful chemicals, residues or fumes.

What’s more it allows the solution to be stable for much longer than previously available.

We do not add unnecessary ingredients to stabilize or preserve our product stability.

Hypochlorous acid, the active ingredient in CULLIGAN SAFE GUARD 45H25 is produced naturally by the body to combat infection.

White blood cells release this natural oxidant to fight invading pathogens. The hypochlorous acid produced by the human body’s immune system:

Reacts readily with a variety of microbial sub-cellular compounds

Interferes with their metabolic processes

Kills individual bacterium exposed within milliseconds

There are many applications for CULLIGAN SAFE GUARD 45H25 are almost limitless – here are just a few:

  • Healthcare

From pharmacies and clinics to large hospitals and research labs, cleanliness is essential for keeping staff and patients healthy.

  • Education

Schools can be a haven for germs, and it’s not uncommon for viral and bacterial illnesses to spread quickly, leaving students and employees off sick.

  • Hotels

A lot of guests are using the same rooms during the year.


  • Leisure centres

Leisure centres can harbour a lot of nasty pathogens introduced and spread by users.

  • Shopping Malls

Consider the foot traffic that goes in and out of malls daily using the Culligan 45 H 25 should be a must.

  • Restaurants

When it comes to areas where food is prepared, it can be difficult finding a cleaner that’s effective while being non-toxic.

  • Public Transport

Whether you’re stepping on a bus, taxi, or train or an airplane  it should be apparent that not everyone adheres to the same level of cleanliness.

  • Household

If you’re looking for an effective household cleaner, Culligan 45 H 25 is precisely what you should be looking to buy, especially if you have children or pets.

  • Agriculture & Poultry

Raising livestock is a time-consuming process made harder by the reality of how devastating pathogens can be to the animals you’re rearing.

  • Worship Areas

In places of worship, it’s common to find people gathering. Culligan 45 H 25 Is the best solution for hands and surface sanitising

  • Offices and work space

In the work space in order to take care of your employees the hygiene is mandatory

Since SAFE GUARD 45H25 is non-irritant and non-persistent it is ideal for misting and sanitising tunnels.

CULLIGAN SAFE GUARD 45H25 has been tested and passed by Dubai Central Laboratory against BS EN 1276:2009 “Quantitative Suspension Test for Evaluation of Bactericidal Activity of Chemical Disinfectant & Antiseptics”. Also “This product therefore is effective against all enveloped viruses as defined in EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 Annex A*. This therefore includes all Coronaviruses”.  

This test determines the effectiveness as a bactericide under clean and dirty conditions.


  1. When a wound breaks human skin, it creates a gateway for harmful pathogens to invade human cells.
  2. Neutrophils, which are a type of white blood cell, live in human blood vessels.
  3. When pathogens invade a human cell, neutrophils travel to the infection site to destroy the invading pathogen. The first step in this process is engulfing the pathogen.
  4. Once the neutrophil has completely surrounded the pathogen, it produces an oxidant, hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is a biocide, meaning it kills organic material. Once produced by the neutrophil, it kills the bacteria almost instantly.

Download SafeGuard45H25- Product Registration
Download SafeGuard45H25 DM Attestation Certificate
Download SafeGuard45H25 ECAS Full Certification & Evaluation Report
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Download SAFE GUARD 45H25 Safety Data Sheet


Together we face a serious world health emergency.

To help these turbulent times, we have decided to make available our company’s wealth of expertise and experience.

We have been manufacturing and exporting water treatment system and chemicals to businesses worldwide for over 30 years.

The serious global situation has led us to create a solution that can be of public value: it is a tunnel for the hygienisation and sanitisation of people and items with an integrated hydraulic spray system capable of spraying an approved and certified sanitizer called SafeGuard45H25.

The tunnel contains the atomised liquid spray saturating the environment.

In this way it is possible to hygienize or sanitise all surfaces even those which are not directly exposed to the nozzles.

Culligan Safe_Gate_XL

Culligan Safe Gate is available in different sizes XS – S – N – XL, following customer needs.

All sizes adopting the same sanitizing system, SafeGuard45H25



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