# Phase3: after three months spent at home, it’s time to turn the spotlight back on our plastic-free commitment

Our oceans and seas are home to 80% of the living species – animals and marine vegetation that populate waters around the world. Not only do they represent the source of sustenance and life for millions of people on our planet, but 50% of the oxygen we breathe comes from here.

A priceless heritage whose survival must be one of our environmental priorities but which, to date, despite the continuous awareness campaigns, is increasingly threatened by an alarming danger: plastic pollution.

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The amount of disposable plastic we consume on average every was made even more evident during the lockdown period

In three months spent at home 24 hours a day we focused all of our consumption within our home by measuring with our hands how much plastic is thrown away each day: from fruit and vegetable packages to all kinds of food packaging, detergent bottles and water bottles, which we have significantly increased domestic consumption.


In the three months since the beginning of the coronavirus emergency, an average family of 4, with a typical daily consumption of 2 liters of water (recommended amount), has used 474.5 1.5 l bottles, equal to 18 kg of plastic. This choice entailed the use of 34.2 kg of oil used for the production of PET and 60.5 kg of CO2 resulting from the production and transport of this quantity of bottles.


Similarly, a family of 3 consumed 356 1.5 liter PET bottles in three months, equal to 13.5 kg of plastic, 25.7 kg of oil and 45.4 kg of CO2.


Culligan and the battle against plastic

Culligan’s philosophy is to offer over 80 years experience to bring best alternative to bottled water with filtration solutions at the point of use, at km 0 and strictly plastic-free.

Water battle – the new plastic-free campaign promoted by Culligan

With a title that plays on the assonance between the English terms’ battle ‘and’ bottle ‘, Water Battle aims to increase everyones awareness of their environmental footprint with an invitation to become an active part of change and adopt styles of virtuous life.


0 km plastic-free water, to say goodbye to plastic bottles

Culligan is at the forefront in the production of systems for drinking water, solutions capable of delivering a purer, lighter, totally customizable water, free of bad tastes, smells and any polluting substances, directly from home tap. Read more on

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