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Flushing Service offered by Culligan

Every new building needs water – for drinking, washing, cooling, heating, process, decoration or recreation.

The tanks, pipes, pumps and valves which hold and move this water must be free from scale, corrosion, deposits and bacteriological contamination. If a new system is not cleaned properly at the very beginning, controlling these problems becomes much more difficult, leading to costly water hygiene problems, blockages, leaks, breakdowns, repair and cleaning costs.

Culligan have been the leaders in pre-commission cleaning, flushing, disinfection and chemical treatment of such utility water systems across the Gulf region for many years. Our customers work to the highest standards and the tightest deadlines and, of course, they expect the same from Culligan and we have delivered – many of the major chilled and condenser water systems in this region have been pre-commission cleaned, flushed, disinfected and/or chemically treated by Culligan.

We have one of the largest service teams and the widest selection of cleaning equipment available in the region, including portable tanks, pumps, filters and ancillaries including kilometres of temporary HDPE pipework which can be installed by our own fabrication team. We have a comprehensive range of flushing and cleaning chemistries to suit every requirement. This enables is to take on literally any project, of any size, and make sure it is ready on-time, on-spec and on-budget.


Our pre-commision services include:

  • Chemical cleaning, flushing and inhibition.
  • Domestic water system disinfection.
  • Rental of filters, tanks, temporary pipework, pumps, valves and other ancillaries.
  • On-site welding of custom-headers, bypass spools and temporary pipework.


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