Stay hydrated!

When you spend time outside in hot weather it is important to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. But not all waters are created equal. Here’s how to choose them.

When temperatures rise, the body needs to replenish the liquids that are lost in sweating, eating fruit and fresh food, but the easiest and fastest method is to drink lots of water.

Our body, in fact, constantly needs water to function at its best, especially during summer when the temperatures become very high.


Good reasons to simply drink water

Our body is made up of 70% of water which constitutes the skin, muscles, brain and internal organs, carries nutrients, promotes digestion, carries waste out of the body and allows the transmission of brain stimulus. For this reason, refilling the mineral salts while drinking is very important, especially in the presence of sultry or during physical activity.

There are many refreshing drinks that we certainly like to drink in the summer, but often they contain sugars or other elements that seem refreshing at the moment, but subsequently increase the feeling of thirst. Water therefore remains the most useful element when we want to cool off.

Drinking more water in the summer, especially when perspiration increases, also helps keep body thermoregulation under control, avoiding discomfort such as dizziness caused by excessive heat. The advice is to drink about two and a half liters per day, and up to four if you practice sports.


Water … quality!

It is easy to see that this natural element is fundamental for our life therefore water quality is very important. However not all water is the same!

Sometimes we tend to prefer bottled water because it is considered “better” and “safer”, but this belief is wrong and above all anti-ecological.

The Tap water in the UAE has a fixed residue that varies between 100 and 1000 mg / liter, representing a good source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium at the nutritional level.


Tap water has nothing to envy to bottled water, especially if it is filtered through systems integrated to our kitchen taps. Thanks to Culligan Filters and Dispensers , tap water will always taste good and free from contaminants, and you can decide to drink it as you like: still, carbonated, fresh or at room temperature.

You will always have at hand pure tasting and crystal clear water that can be your best ally during summer season!

Let Culligan Middle East help you find the best solution for your water needs.

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