The benefits of safe and proper hydration in the workplace

Water is the main component of the human body and allows all metabolic reactions

1 The benefits of water on the human body

2 An adequate water balance

3 Water in the workplace

4 Culligan solutions in offices and workplaces


The benefits of water on the human body

Water plays an indispensable role in the processes of thermoregulation and body hydration. Its importance in preserving an individual’s health and fitness is given not only by his predominant presence in the human body (water = 65%), but also by the multiple vital functions it performs:

  • regulates body temperature;
  • cleanses the body, thanks to the expulsion of solid and liquid waste substances;
  • increases the tonicity and elasticity of muscle mass;
  • promotes weight loss through the increase of metabolic functions that transform fats into carbon dioxide and water;
  • reduces water retention by performing an anti-edematous action.

These are the reasons behind the most natural gesture in the world: drinking, and this is why it is vitally important to regularly drink water throughout the day and not only when we feel the need.

An adequate water balance

For an adequate water balance, a water intake equal to 1ml for each kcal consumed is considered reasonable, therefore assuming that an individual normally burns about 2000 kcal per day it follows that the water intake should not be less than 2 liters, or 8 glasses a day. A quantity that should increase considerably with physical activity.

Furthermore, water promotes well-being and concentration and it has been shown that dehydration of 1-2% can significantly affect brain function, with a reduction in cognitive performance.


Water in the workplace

Studies have suggested that we normally drink more if the water is of a good quality and easily available. Therefore it is very important that a source of quality water is always available in the workplace, being this the place where we spend most of our day. Water must be hygienically safe and organoleptically perfect, and possibly fresh and carbonated for those who love bubbles, but tap water cannot meet all these characteristics, which is why bottles of mineral water are still widespread in offices and meeting places. However, to drink with respect for the environment, there is an alternative offered by filter water dispensers. A sector that has developed continuously in recent years and is continuing its growth

Filtered water is a benefit for consumers who can always use fresh water, dispensed at the moment, but also an advantage for Companies that through the use of water dispensers, can eliminate bulky and anti-ecological disposable plastic bottles.

Culligan, a leading company in the water treatment sector, offers excellent drinking water solutions for offices and workplaces that are simple, economical and respect the environment. Additionally, the water from the Culligan dispensers is safe and hygienic thanks to the technology and sanitization procedures that are carried out by the Culligan service team.


Culligan solutions in offices and workplaces

Bio-Refresh coolers are water dispensers connected to the water network equipped with a treatment system at the point of use. The filtration process involves the use of a filter cartridge containing diatomaceous dust and active carbon capable of eliminating unpleasant odors and flavors from the water, such as chlorine, as well as any unwanted elements such as heavy metals, turbidity, organic micropollutants, etc., thus making it more pleasant and safe. In addition, the Culligan Pure ultrafiltration technology (tested by the University of Bologna) which prevents the passage of bacteria, viruses and endotoxins, combined with disinfection with UV rays directly on the delivery point, guarantee that the water is always microbiologically perfect. The Bio-Refresh provide for the supply of water at room temperature, hot, cold and sparkling.

Culligan technical assistance guarantees an efficient and professional after-sales service support, that includes periodic visits to customers for the sanitization of the systems and the replacement of the filter elements, thus ensuring a flawless water dispensing at any time.

Culligan provides all its customers with guidelines for correct hygienic practice for dispensing water safely. This is summarized in “5 rules for Safe Hydration” flyer that has been designed to be placed near the Dispenser and it is aimed to the users. Click the link down below to download your version.



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